Instructions for Sealing Granite Countertops

Sealing granite countertops is easy with the right combination of knowledge, tools and time. There are many different manufacturers of sealant and each of these manufacturers formulates many different types of sealant. At first glance, this may seem overwhelming. Don't worry. The following descriptions will provide some clarification about the most common types of sealant and their features. After the descriptions, I have provided instructions for sealing the various finishes found on granite and the different areas that granite may be installed.

Sealing Granite

For sealing granite countertops, you will need the following items:

1) Sealant - Choose the right sealant for the job. Read and follow the directions! They may be different from those listed here.

2) Rags

3) Goggles or other suitable eye protection.

4) Gloves - I suggest the solvent resistant painter's gloves.

Important Note: Always test sealant before applying to entire surface by applying a small amount of sealant in an inconspicuous area and letting it fully cure to make sure that you get the result that you are seeking.

First, begin by cleaning the granite countertop After cleaning the granite, reading the sealant instructions, and performing the sealant test, you are ready to apply sealant. Saturate a rag with the sealant and wipe it over the surface of the granite taking care to cover all areas evenly.
Allow the sealant to penetrate for several minutes. The trick here is to allow the sealant enough time to penetrate, but not enough time to dry on the surface.
Once the sealant has had enough time to penetrate, use dry rags to remove the excess sealant and buff off any streaks. You will need lots of elbow grease and patience, but the streaks will come off. Once the sealant and streaks are removed, your finished.

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