Cleaning Granite Counter Tops

Instructions on How to Clean Granite Counter Tops

Daily Granite Counter Top Care

Wipe it down.

The best way to keep your granite counter tops looking good is to perform your granite counter top cleaning after each use. Wipe down the counters with a non-abrasive sponge or damp rag after each use.

If the counter tops are sticky, spray the granite with a neutral PH granite cleaner after the initial wipe down. (NOTE: Always test your granite cleaner in a small inconspicuous area prior to use on the entire surface to determine if the product is suitable. After cleaning the granite counter tops, dry with a soft, clean rag.

Weekly Granite Counter Top Care

Clean the granite counter top with a Granite Cleaner.

Clean the granite counter tops with your granite cleaner. After cleaning, dry the surface with a soft rag. If you like, apply a granite polish to the counter top. (NOTE: Always test your granite cleaner and granite polish in a small inconspicuous area to determine if the product(s) will be suitable for use.) Buff the counter tops, as per the product's directions, with a clean, dry, soft cloth.

Monthly Granite Counter Top Care

Inspect the Counter Tops

Each month visually inspect the granite counter tops for damage to the grout, seams, or silicone. Look at the grout, particularly where the granite counter top meets the backsplash(if any). The grout at the countertop/backsplash seam is vulnerable to cracking and breaking. Next, check the granite counter top seams (the area where the slabs meet) for cracks or voids. Lastly, check the sink perimeter silicone for mold, cracking or voids. This area is especially important because water will enter any voids around the sink and damage the wood that supports the counter. If you find any of these areas need repair and you want to do it yourself, click here for granite counter top repair instructions. If you would like a professional to repair your granite counter top, click here for an online quote.

Annual Granite Counter Top Care

Test the sealant

My experience shows that most granite sealants wear off in as little as a year. The durability of granite sealant seems to highly variable, changing radically by differences in usage, granite cleaning products/frequency, and the quality of the sealant applied to the granite counter tops. As a result, I recommend annually performing the water-bead test on your granite counter tops to asses the ability of the granite sealant to repel water. To perform the water-bead test on your granite counter tops, drip water in several areas of the counter top. Watch the drip as it hits the granite counter top. When the drip hits the surface, it should flatten out, then the drip will shrink in diameter and get higher and more round forming a dome. This "beading" of the water drop indicates that the sealant is repelling water effectively. If the water does not bead up, as described, you should reapply granite sealant. For do it yourself instructions on how to seal granite counter tops, click here. To have your counter tops professionally sealed, click here for an online quote.

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